Monday, May 25, 2009

I recently made some more nature inspired jewelry and earrings, some for custom orders and some just to try out some new designs. Though I didn't initially plan to make earrings, some folks wanted them to go with the necklaces and I enjoyed making them. I suppose the flower desing was my fave!


On May 2nd I was a vendor at the Olivet Fellowship Church Carnival on Knight Arnold. I got to meet a lot of people, pass out business cards, showcase my items and of course: sell some jewelry. Yay!
I decorated my table in pink and black, like this site, and made a sweet little sign for my table. I meant to post the info earlier, but, things got busy so this is a very short recap. I got some great feedback from folks and had a funnel cake and a sausage and even though it rained, it was still a lot of fun!

I Suppose They're Just Fond Memories...

One of my favorite places to visit on field trips (and with my oldest sister) when I was younger was the planetarium. I enjoy astronomy and the like and as a kid, the planetarium was a pretty cool place to me. While other students may have grumbled I secretly rejoiced. The planetarium stadium would get eerily dark, much like a movie theatre, and then it would suddenly light up with billions of dot like lights. Oh wow. An all knowing narrator would point out constallations and milky ways and the hemispheres would rotate to show different planetary formations. I recently read a book about the planets, aptly and simply named, "The Planets" that I luckily found at the dollar store, and it broke down the characteristics of each planet and it's surround atmosphere, but I was only met with blank stares, glazed over eyes and uninterested "reallys..." when I tried to share all of it's magnificent info. Ah well....
So when I saw the glittery black glass that I used in these rings, that's what I thought of -- the beautiful night sky and mysterious nature of the heavens. I peeped these gems out at the store for quite awhile before I finally bought them and was very pleased with how the rings came out. The outside setting can be made in almost any color. The gold one really doesn't fall into the Astronomy Obsession category, but I think it's still pretty cool.
As I was sitting with my sister, my unofficial intern, at an event where I was set up to sell my jewelry, I was telling her about these rings and my inspiration behind them.
Me (with excitement): See, the black glittery part reminds me of the night sky because I love the planetarium and ....
Sister (interrupting and dripping with just enough disdain): And when was the last time you went to the planetarium....?'s been awhile...and I maybe I should have used the past tense, but the point was - I want the wearer of this ring to get lost in the beauty of another world not found here on earth. A quiet place for reflection and an appreciation for natural beauty when they're lost in the reality of a cubicle or in traffic. Even if they're just reflecting on fond memories from yesterday...

Ring Collage and Quick Update

Happy Memorial Day!

I have been super lax in posting lately and as a result, I've sold most of the items that I've made since my last post. Which is good, but, my plan was to post the items here first for potential customers to review. I've also had quite a few custom orders and particiated in a church carnival and of course, I have the 9 to 5 late nights posting were replaced with sleeping and trying to create more pieces.
I've also begun to run low on supplies so I'm waiting for some new supplies to come in and and researching new techniques and finding new items to make into jewelry and jotting down new ideas here and there.
My plan has also been to put together a "catalog" or "magalog" of sorts, which will help serve as my portfolio / order book which will be both print and something I can send via email. I've started it but it might take a minute to complete.
Other than that - just the usual - trying to stay sane in a very crazy world. You do the same and enjoy the pics of some sold and maybe not sold rings above. Been baaaad about keeping inventory. Will work on that too.