Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Fly! Meets Jesse Jackson Jr.

Does anyone want to go to work for me tomorrow? Anyone out there a twenty-something black female who knows about customs clearance procedures? You know what? You really don't have to look like me. Just show up. Just show up and work one day for me so that I can stay at home, work on some jewelry and promotion ideas, clean up a little, maybe cook something so I won't be enticed to buy another bowl of ramen noodles from the dollar store, which by the way, were delicious. Anyone? Anyone? You? Bueller? No one? Ok then...moving on.

A friend who is on their way overseas recently purchased my So Fly! pendant as showcased in an earlier post (check it out). It was one of my favorite items and they promised to send pics of themselves wearing the pendant way over yonder. At the airport, they met Mr. Jesse Jackson Jr. and guess what? He was also wearing my pendant. No, not triple J, my friend. Which makes my pendant almost a celebrity if you think about...kinda...or just to me. Yep! See pics below!

Though it hasn't been confirmed, I'd like to think Jesse Jackson Jr. told my friend, "cool pendant." And when I say that it hasn't been confirmed, it's really just what I would have liked him to say. He probably didn't. Dig that anyway.

I'm also working on a couple of projects, FreshBliss related. I have several new items that I'm in the process of photographing and getting showcase ready for the Web site. I had big plans for tonight, but American Idol ate a chunk of my time. Which, by the way, I was surprised that no one sang "What Hurts The Most" by Rascall Flatts for country night, which Gokey did tonight. True Story: just last week on the way to work, I was arranging the song in my head how I would sing it if I were on American Idol, and his version of it was eerily similar to what I had imagined. True story. In fact, I was worried about how I would make it through the first bridge of the song, which goes a little fast and can leave you breathless if you're not professionally trained. How did Gokey handle it? He changed up the words a bit and left out a few words of the song and it worked!. Awe-freakin'-some. Great performance. I love that song. It is very passion filled. He killed it.

My Kodak software is back up and running, thanks to my sis who found her software CD, which I probably need to return to her before I lose hers, and for some reason, knowing me, I will need to borrow it again. However, I'm having issues with my rechargeable batteries now. And I've unfortunately...lost all of my many pics that were in my photo library, which of course, I didn't back up. Ay Dios Mio! I'm really trying not to think about that. Oh...if it ain't one thing...it's another. Hopefully I can get a good charge on the batteries tomorrow and finish taking the rest of my pics and get everything packaged up all pretty like.

Hopefully very soon you can check out a NEW PRODUCT! Oh yes...it's on it's way. As well as what will become a "signature" FreshBliss item....shhhhh...I've said too much.

Stay posted and watch out for April Fool's tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok. So I'm "swagger jacking" Etsy a bit and showcasing some of my items "color coordinated collage-esque style." To be fair, I'm also avoiding washing clothes and I have been thinking of different ways to visually showcase my creations. So I will continue to swagger to jack in this style and more. Especially until my Kodak EasyShare software is restored. And you know? Probably after too...

Too bad, so sad, not glad...

Yesterday I was somewhat busy making jewelry, washing clothes, trying to debug, deworm, deviral, detrojan, de-hotmess my computer and napping. Out of the three, debugging and napping won a big chunk of the evening. Jewelry making came in third and washing clothes came in last.
So I have quite a few new pieces that I need to finish and photograph and post, but the problems with my computer haven't completely been solved. In the process of cleaning up the computer issues to the best of my abilities, I probably unknowingly deleted some files from my Kodak Easyshare software (and probably my Itunes), and I cannot open the software, and cannot transfer my pics. I tried downloading new software from online, but it still will not open as it did not download correctly. Ay Dios Mio! I also cannot find my installation CD at the moment, which could clear up that problem, if not others. My head is starting to hurt more as I write this.
But I'm working on some "signature" pieces for the FreshBliss Collection that will be used in some new creations I'm working on and for future plans. Hopefully, I'll be somewhat back in business before the next post. I'm also hoping to post some items on Artfire soon. I've set up the account, FreshBliss banner and all, and now I just need to put some items in the store!
And wash some underwear and pants. Sigh.
Back to work ~ May you find freshbliss in all you do today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is my "Copper Dream" ring - a perfect name for two reasons...because of all of it's shimmery copper colors in various shades and because I usually come up with designs for items while drifiting off to la la land! Although this ring is sold, I plan to make more in different colors with the same and similar designs. I would have to say that this is one of my "grown up" ring designs - though still quite trendy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Something Red, Two Things Black...

This is one of the first pendants that I made, which, I kept for myself because I liked it so much, plus this was a trial and error period piece. I'm fighting a massive headache, again, tonight, and what feels like a strained eyeball (yep) but really wanted to post something , and I'm trying to avoid cleaning up a little before going to bed. It can be duplicated but it took forever to make to get it just right, but it turned out better than expected.
I also severely burned five good pieces of whiting fish tonight. I made scalloped potatoes for dinner, some greens, a salad, and the whiting. When it comes to cooking I try to time my items so that they'll all be done around the same time, but there's always one item that just won't cooperate. Well, my potatoes, greens, and salad (of course) were all done and I ate that, and when I went back for the fish, it tasted funny. I though that maybe since it was pretty much frozen when put it in the oven, it might need to cook longer than necessary.
So I put the fish back in the oven and of course by this time I was full off of my other items and got busy working on some new jewelry ideas so the fish was the last thing on my mind. I remember watching Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, and most of CSI: Miami before I started wondering if I had left the oven on....
Not, "did I leave the fish in the oven?" Just..."did I leave the oven on...........and.....wait....uh oh...."
So it was a grim scene that would leave Bikini Bottom chagrined. Oh well. I cook Talapia like a pro, but Whiting and Salmon, not so much. The potatoes, however, were awesome. The greens were great, especially since it was my first time cooking them, and the salad...well... it was premade so there really was no room for error there. No fish for lunch tomorrow either....sigh....
Guess I'll go take the yellow crime scene tape down around the blackened glass pan and it's charged inhabitants and take care of business...good night.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Rings, New Format (Beta)

I'm fighting a massive headache right now that's forcing me to type with only one eye open so any spelling or similar mistakes you may see, or general incoherentness, please accept my advanced apologies.
The above are pics of some new rings I've made. I wanted to take single pics of each item, but this method was waaaaaayyyyyy faster and hopefully more user friendly to folks who want to purchase. There are the pictures and the price and that's all she wrote folks. Some of the $5 rings show duplicate photos, but it's really only one each of what you see.
I'm going to try to always come up with more ways to make the site more creative and user friendly to those who want to buy or just stroll the aisles - both are equally awesome to me, and I will be putting some items on artfire soon. There's so much more I wanted to post and discuss this weekend, but unfortunately, time slipped away from me.
I am working on some necklaces right now and I've got so many ideas for "creations" ("products" sounds so corporate america), I can't collect my ideas fast enough before another comes.
But right now, as I type this through one eye open and the left side of my face feeling like it's been bashed in by an invisible force, I bid you good night and good 'morrow. Deuces.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fresh Ear Candy!

Cotton Candy - $4 usd

Turquoise Bliss - $4.00 usd
Summer Berries - $4 usd

PinkTart - $4 usd

Grapevine - $4

These are five of my favorite items. They're made with Czech glass beads and colored wire, which make the subtly sparkly gems pop even brighter. All are on silver tone earring hooks except for Summer Berries, which is on gold. If you like...please buy quickly. I'm loving these...might love them right into my own jewelry collection!

Purple Rims

So summer's approaching and it's time to floss the rims...but if you can't afford four real ones for your car, your finger can be all "flossed up" with this "Purple Rim" ring. It's $4 usd. Sound system sold separately.

Good Luck....

So this ring was supposed to be included with an earlier post, but for some reason, I couldn't find the picture of it at that time. I guess it wanted to stand alone and be presented in the spotlight by itself. Well guess what True Love? You got your way. Big whoop. This ring is $5 usd.

Wear your heart on your finger (hopefully not the middle) and show the world what you've found with this true love ring adorned with pink and whtie flowers (In unison: awwwwww)

And if you haven't found it, then use it as a convo starter: "Hey you, I'm looking for this? (insert ringed finger here, and again, not the middle one) You got it? No...then keep it moving."
Happy hunting!!!

Got Flair?

These three flair button rings, from top, "Brown Heart, Checkboard, and Multi Heart" are $2 usd each. They're about the size of a nickel and adorably chic.

Just A Sweet Spring Ring

This is just one of those simple & sweet spring rings created from a yellow button with a blue flower button on top. Bright, springy/summery, breezy... you get the pic. Now get the ring for only $2 usd. It's a better gift than the hour of sleep you lost with daylight savings time!

A Sleek, Black & Silver Duo

These two items are another two that are both quite whimsical, but in the classic colors for everyday wear. Though these two items are promised, they can be reproduced. The top black and silver flower stud earrings are $4 usd and the candy pendant is $8 usd. Though they're sold separately, the two items can be worn together as the colors and design match. The pendant has a bite mark on it to reveal a silver candy center that matches the "sugar drizzled" on the outside. These items will also be produced in other colors so keep your eye out for them on this site!

Snack Time!

Well, I'm assuming it's noon at a preschool somewhere. For the sweet tooth for the kid in you, above are my "Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie" and "Sugar Glazed Honeybun" earrings. Mmmmm.... Both are about the size of a dize, only thicker. They unfortunately don't come with a dixie cup of O.J. or apple juice, but they should still leave you satisfied. Both are $3 usd each.

Purple Teardrop Earrings

Pearlescent white polymer clay and colorful glass beads make up these fun little earrings. They are $4 usd and sweetly unique.

Cookies & Cream Ring, Part Deux

This ring has the same color combo - brown and cream - as my cookies and cream ring in an earlier post. However, the brown ring isn't as cookie-esque as the other ring. It actually has a more natural, organic look to it, such as a piece of wood. Though it's $3 usd, it's free to interpretation.

Sold Ring!

So sad, too bad, it's sold. Though I like making unique, colorful rings, I also like making ones in neutral and complimentary colors as well, as I think they're more everyday wearable. And red, white, and black are classic complimentary colors. So I will be making similar items in other classic colors as well. Bud don't worry...I'll always still try to keep it funky too. (wink)

Already Sold Rings...

Orange Galaxy Ring - $5 usd (Sold)

Green Galaxy Ring - $4 usd (sold)

Purple Paisley Ring - $3 usd (sold)

Sold Rings - some can be similarly reproduced and similar rings will be added to the site later. Please check back later!

The rings in the pics above have already been sold or promised, although I will be posting similar rings to some of the ones above shortly. But, I still like to showcase all of my work on this site so these items are for your viewing pleasure only.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

About Pendants & Necklaces...

Welcome to Coffee Break! This is where I take a minute or two to tell you little bit about some of the products in general or any other product tidbits I want you to know, and maybe a little story or two about myself or my day. So sit back. I've already poured you a caramel latte and we've got fresh croissants on the way!

I know some people will only sell pendants and will offer the necklace or cording separately. If you just sell the pendant then you give people the option of doing what they want to with it: make it into a key chain, possibly a cellphone charm, maybe put it on a bracelet. But I really like making finished pieces. When you have a certain vision for a piece, you like to follow through with it.

Anywho, my mother ( I know, I like telling stories with her in them. I'll share some about pops later) likes her necklaces long and sometimes has a hard time finding necklaces that will fit properly. Personally, she says they don't fit, but I think she just prefers longer necklaces, which is fine. So she mentioned to make sure that the necklaces were long enough. Though I think she may have meant for her, I, wanting the necklaces/cording I make to fit everyone, not just most, I took my mothers information and made my necklaces quite long. About 28 to 30 inches for all of the pendants on this site.

Well, I wore one of the pendants that I made for myself one day and you know what? Unless you have on allll black - maybe a cat suit or a body glove or all white or some other mono color with no other decoration, the longer cord doesn't really work. It didn't show off the pendant very well and it kept getting lost in the cardigan that I had on that day. So actually, a 19 inch cord/chain works very well, which is the length on the golden flower pendant. The shorter cord would pull the pendant up so that it is better displayed higher on the chest. It's a trial and error learning process folks. It's all self taught out of desire here.

So if you'd like to purchase a pendant, let me know which length chain you'd like - one approx. 19/20 inches or the 29/30 inch chain already included. For a small extra fee, probably $1.50, I'll include both just in case you do have that cat suit you'd like to pair it with.

On a personal note, I colored my hair black yesterday. I had previously colored it a brownish plum color which is really my favorite color to tint the coif, but I wanted something a little different to make it look more shiny since I tend to have dry hair. Well, my sister saw my hair and she looks at it for a minute or two and goes: "Ohhh....hey Elvis."

Now, I'm not sure if she meant Elvis because it's quite black now as opposed to the color before, or if it was the new thing I was trying with my bangs which may or may not have looked somewhat similar to a pompadour. Either way....glad I could be the object of her amusement today....

Ok...break time's over....deuces!

You're Golden Kid!

This polymer clay pendant features a flower stamped design and a green glass Czech bead leaf charm. It's on a gold tone chain about 19" and hangs nicely around mid chest. I think this piece is really pretty and very feminine and "whimsically sophisticated." I just made that phrase up for this piece. Remember it: whimsically sophisticated. Oh yes... This item is $8 usd.

Fried Please

This is my "Sunny Side Up" Ring! I love that it looks like an egg with a little rhinestone in the middle! I don't know why I'm putting an exclamation mark after everything! But, I really liked that this piece just named itself, and so cleverly! Oh egg, you really are edible and incredible! What a great piece for Easter and spring time! This ring is $4 usd!

*Sausage, biscuit, and cheese not included.(!)

Ughh...More Cupcakes?

That's what I imagine some folks are saying - "more cupcakes? obsessed much?!"
Hey look....I don't know who the first person was who said "I'm going to make a polymer clay cupcake," but you make just one polymer cupcake, and if you haven't made another 15 more by the end of the day then spew your disdain as you will. Until then... grab a napkin, because your hands are about to get stickier.

So I know not every grown woman or person (who am I to say that a man won't enjoy wearing tiny, colorful cupcakes on his wrist?) is going to jump on the cupcake bandwagon as I have and want to wear it as jewelry. Ok, maybe I'm head engineer at this point on the bandwagon, I don't know. But if you like the cupcake motif but in a more subtle way, I do have more cupcake key chains. Yummy yum yum!

Each cupcake key chain you see above is $2 usd.
The first picture is one with red icing, the second picture has white icing and a tiny pink bead at the top of its icing swirl, which unfortunately isn't visible in the pic. The third cupcake is similar to the second pic, except no bead. And the fourth key chain features a cupcake a little smaller than the other three similar to the ones on one of my cupcake bracelets. There are actually 2 of these in stock. So there are 5 cupcake key chains in stock in all, all $2.
And I still offer my challenge. Make just one polymer clay cupcake and if you haven't made another 25 by noon, then congrats on that recessive gene which I obviously don't possess.

3 Hits, 3 Misses

This "Caramel and Chocolate Cupcake" pendant was originally going to be apart of a bracelet, much like my other 2 cupcake bracelets featured on this site. I made 3 and they turned our pretty much what I wanted them to look like. I made 3 more for the bracelet and weeeelllll, and they turned out a bit wonky. They looked like I tried to bake them in an easy bake oven with a flickering light bulb. So, the three decent cupcakes were turned into sweet little cupcake pendants on brown silk cords. Yes, there are 3 of these in stock for only, just, $4 usd. And everyone knows that three is the magic number...

Field Trip!

Today I had the pleasure of selling some jewelry to a fellow business woman and artist. Yay for selling and Yay for networking. Almetria Turner is the owner of Beaux Cadeaux (Beautiful Gift) in Memphis, Tn, in the historical and art-centric Cooper Young neighborhood. Beaux Cadeaux specializes in personal and corporate gift giving. Turner's business was voted one of the top 50 fastest growing gift basket businesses in America by Gift Basket Review Magazine. I loved the pink decor of the shop, and all the fun and colorful gift and personal items on display. You can visit Beaux Cadeaux online at http://www.thebcgiftcollection.com/.

In addition to Beaux Cadeux (which, by the way, you've got to love that name and it's fun to say!), she also owns Apple Dumplin' Baby, which specializes in "designer gifts, furniture, & accessories for the pampered baby & child." I don't have any babies, and in fact, I don't know too many, but the gifts available at http://www.appledumplinbaby.com/ make me want to find a baby somewhere just to have a reason to buy some of these items. Truth be told, I almost bought a diaper bag from Big Lots for an everyday journal, camera, miscellaneous bag, and the ones at ADB are much more chic, especially the Cocoa Orange Diaper Messenger Bag or the Poppy Messenger Bag.
So check them out if you get a minute and I hope you enjoy all the unique merchandise as much as I did.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Like Candy....

Well...basically anything sweet! This piece was sculpted to look like a bitten piece of candy. Originally, it was going to be a necklace, but I think it would have looked better as a necklace if I would have kept it whole. It could have been a pretty cool pendant, but, never one to waste a good piece of candy, it became a key chain. It's $3 (usd) and the inside of it is red and white. Mmmmmm.....
Though I'd love to keep posting all day, I've got to take a break because honestly, dear readers and potential customers and future friends, I look like Buckwheat right now. Haven't been feeling 100 percent lately, and was off from work yesterday for it, and I'm afraid the other little rascals are going to come looking for me soon if I don't find some chemicals and some clippers for the coif.
I also received a very weird text message at 4:22 AM this Saturday morning from an unknown number I'd like to share, which read, verbatim:
"Hello bily you just left me your number sweetheart you are exactly what I have been looking for it is the weekend and i am definately looking for some company thats if you are free and have no plans i live in raleigh about twenty minutes from midtown my name is sabrina sweetheart."
Then the same person called my number I'm assuming, from lack of a quick response.
However, my response would have been:
First: I ain't "Bily".
Second: I don't know any Sabrina.
Third: Sabrina doesn't know me because if she did, she would KNOW, I only have 300 text messages in my plan, and this crazy text spanned 2 text messages just because at 4:22 in the AM on a Saturday morning she was feeling lonely. Sabrina....I'm not the one. And I hate to break it to you...but Bily left you the wrong number so probably...he's just not that into you.

Pink & White Ferris Wheel Pendant

This sweet little pendant is about 1.5 inches around (as are most of my round pendants). It's made with white pearl polymer clay with an image stamped into it painted pink. Don't the circles in the middle remind you of a Ferris wheel? I love the colors for this item as well, as I usually don't know what color I'm going to accent a stamped pendant with until it's ready to paint it. The pendant has a glossy finish and it's $8 usd.
So if it's a beautiful day outside this spring and you're stuck at work, if you have this pendant you can look at it and daydream about being a kid again. Ah, sweet memories of youth...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Raspberry Cream Swirl Pendant

So a lot of my items will have food names. It just makes them sound decadent. For the items that are actually food items, such as my cupcake charms, then the food names make sense.

I didn't know whether I wanted to fill in the stamped image on the pendant with a color or not, but in the end, I think I was mesmerized by all the swirls and loops in the design and the ethereal quality of pearlescent clay that it just spoke to me: leave me be woman! With attitude like that, I had to back away.

This pendant is about an inch and a half around it's $8 usd. Definitely one of a kind.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Fly!

SOLD!!! :) 3/26/09
I love making polymer clay pendants and a recurring theme in my designs you might see are whimsical, abstract patterns and motifs, which I love.

This is one of a few pendants that I've made with silver polymer clay and stamped with a bird and flower design. I love the tiny detailed flowers present and everything that a bird symbolizes: freedom, flying, flight. In fact, it reminds me of Mariah Carey's song Fly Like A Bird. Yeah, I know it's kind of corny to make the association, but true.

It's been slightly distressed with black paint and lightly glazed for a glossy finish. This pendant is $8 usd and will come with a black silk cord.

Making these by hand is not easy! Apparently the planets have to align just right for the thickness to be even, no bubbles to be present in the clay, no stray marks to accidently get into the final design, and for it not to stick to whatever your work surface is and thereby distorting the shape and possibly tearing when you try to pick it up. For each flat, round pendant that I have created by hand, I have probably worked and reworked the unbaked clay anywhere from 10 to 30 times in an attempt to fashion the pendant only have one of the above happen and have to start again...and again...and again...and again. Worth it? Sure. Tiresome. You bet.

I have, however, just received a pasta machine from my mother and look forward to seeing if it will make the process easier. She believes I can fly!

Nevertheless, I will work the clay until I am pleased with the result and this one turned out pretty awesome.