Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On 22's....

"We're going riding on the freeeeway of love in a pink cadillac...."
Maybe it's just me, but this ring looks like a pink wheel with a rhinestone rim and I'm ready to roll! Who's got shotgun?

Triple Stacked Fabric Rings

Two colorful fabric rings in two very cute color schemes....

A Little Sleepy Butterfly

I must have been close to slumberland when I made this ring because I distinctly remember thinking to myself that I needed to put the butterfly on straight and somehow...I put it on sideways anyway. So yes, the ring is sitting straight up, but the buterfly is on sideways.
Otherwise, it's perfectly fine. I can't remember the price for it off hand, but it's less than what I wanted to price it for for that reason.
Oh well.... still too cute to go down the chute with the bad golden eggs.

Stretching For a Link...

So...I like doing multiple photo postings of items because it gets the items on the site faster (especially when I have 25 or more to post) and doing one ring at a time would take forever!!! So I try to link items that have some kind of similar attributes and sometimes it's a stretch but...

For some reason these rings all have a sixties-ish brady bunch-ish quality to me. The mustard yellows and oranges, the wood grain browns, the olive greens. The mod-isheness of the big orange button on the second ring to the kitchy-ness and cuteness of the red apple on the middle ring. Ish. Ness.

I see you?

The top and the bottom rings are sold. The apple ring I reaaalllllyyyy want to keep but I will sell it if someone wants it!

New Clay Rings

The mosaic rings (or window rings) I usually made in earth tone colors but I decided to go a little crazy and tried a few different colors and styles.

The second red ring, or "sunburst"ring, has already sold and I really didn't think it would! The purple ring is also sold and the red and white and blue and white are still available as well as the gold star and the victorian lace-like ring (to my knowledge...which may have to be double checked).

Will be exploring with more colors as well as color requests in the plain style (similar to the red, blue, and purple rings).

Big, Mod Colorful Rings

Well these rings are just fun. They're big and sorta big, bright, sparkly, shiny, summery, springy, and special!
The orange one and the pink and black one are sold and I must check on the other two to see if they are still in stock. See how fast they go!

Gone Nautical

July will be upon us before you know it and you know what holiday falls in that month?
I'll give you a hint: BBQ, independence, fireworks.....? Any guesses?
Well....just so you'll know....
It's my birthday! Yay! Whoo hoo! I like BBQ! And indendence! And fire! I mean fireworks! Accepting gifts now!!! Yay!!
Oh...and it's the 4th of July. And as I know some of you will be wearing airbrushed red, white and blue Tees, wouldn't these two rings make lovely additions to that holiday ensemble?
I'm really loving the second ring and if I don't sell it soon it will be adorning my own finger veeerrryyy soon....


Though I love making colorful rings and mixing different palettes, I think black and white are classic colors and sometimes you just need something classic. The top two rings have the same focal point on them, but they are two different rings.

Mixed Media Rings

These rings are a mix of polymer clay and japanse origami paper with special sealants and adhesive and glossers (I can't spill all my secrets!) to keep the paper in place and protected. I wouldn't get it soaking wet, but the sealants are pretty tight. Some of these came out fine, such as the ones you see above, and some not so much. I had a pink one but I wasn't feeling it so it went into my special "I won't call you a reject but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with you right now" baggie.

I know for sure that the middle puple one is already sold.
In addition to being lax on posting, I've also been bad about keeping up with inventory. Some items I know I still have and I could sit down with all my pics and what I physically have and go through it.... well.... I don't know if that's going to happen. Plus I sometimes have my intern PomPom take care of selling items, which puts me out of the loop. And PomPom may be giving herself a five finger discount. She's gonna cuss me if she reads this, but PomPom knows it's all love.
These items can be similarly reproduced and I'll be working with different styles in the future.

More Metal!

I've been super lax in posting new items because I've been making new items and I've just gotten busy. After I take the pictures for everything I also have to crop them and resave them and I can go on and on about what needs to be done, but I guess I'll just do it! The down side of not posting items "timely" is that many items get sold before I can show them off to the public. However, I am also working on a print catalog so that people can view all items as well as request items that are "similarly reproduceable." Of course, if you see an item here that you like just convo me to find out if it is one of a kind or reproduceable. Is reproduceable a word? Now it sounds funny....hmmmm...may have to look that one up.

I also want to add that, about 95 percent of my pics for this last batch of items I made came out very nicely (see earlier posts where I complain about bad photography). Yay! I'm getting better, on the cropping as well! Now if I could figure out BlogSpot's sometime erratic formatting...

Until then....

Please enjoy these oversized metal rings (half of which are sold, unfortunately and one of which I kept for myself b/c even I like to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Many of these can be "similarly reproduced" if you're interested... I love how colorful all of these are, and all have been sold with the exception of about 2.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Naturally Beautiful

These necklaces were inspired by a couple of things: nature (butterflies, flowers, birds) and suggestions from friends. I have a friend who loves butterflies and another who mentioned that they were looking for something orange and brown. Out of the two, these very natural and organic designs were born with an earthy flair.
The first necklace has orange accents with a big brown pendant stamped with a bird design, hand painted and lightly glossed.
The second pendant's dominant colors (flower design) are beige and light brown.
The third pendant's dominat color is a pinkish/mauve-ish color, with what I can best describe as a "faux texture" on top of a stamped butterfly image.
These turned out pretty well and take a little extra time to make, but I think it's worth it.
You can see all three (the magic number) pendants a little better in the last pic.
These items are a little different from my bright button rings, but I love variety and trying new concepts and like to keep an eclectic mix of items for your pleasure and *bliss.*

For Your Viewing Pleasure

These four round rings include 3 with flower motifs and one with my swirling ferris wheel design. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm a bit famished right now, a little tired, and and my mind is on cookies, which I have none of, and cleaning up a bit, which I don't feel like doing, and I really hope the pictures speak for themselves, which will keep me from just saying that they're adorable *which they are* and pretty unique, though I may be biased because I made them.

3 Oh...It's The Magic Number....

"....Somewhere in that ancient, mystic trinity. You get 3. It's the magic number. The past, the present and the future / faith and hope and charity / the heart, the body and the brain will give you three...."
Yes, I know all the words to "3 Is The Magic Number" by Schoolhouse Rock. And YES, I will sing it upon request. and YES, I will sing it multiple times if you so desire.
Or perhaps, you'll desire one of these rings with a sweet flower design on each. If you'll look back on an earlier post, you'll see that I also have pendants to match the red and silver rings. Pendants and rings are the same size and they're like mini pieces of art for your body.
It's true - good things do come in threes! Me singing to you: BONUS!

Dream Team Rings Part 2

Chocolate Dream Ring
Copper Dream Ring (Reserved)

First - kudos to me for the less than sucky photography on these two pics. I've done this design before (see earlier posts) with just a few differences in these two. I've changed the color of the clay in the first ring to a chocolate brown, and the second ring is a little bigger than the original. The placement of the stones is also a bit different. Both are glossed for protection and sealing. One more kudos to me for dang near perfect photography. Yay for great light!

Special Easter Order Post View

This was a custom order for Easter for a customer so all these items are sold. In fact, I was heading out the door and had to take quickie pics of them so that's why they're already packaged and ready to go. This order included my signature flower design in pastel colors as well as a signature flower necklace to match a pair of earrings already in stock.
***Some custom orders will include "freebies" or just a little thank you for your patronage.***