Monday, October 12, 2009

Can You Stand The Rain?

I like to make pieces that will be eye catching and a bit unique, and even though I researched this cloud motif/design, it's always nice to do things "my way." This is the first of a few different cloud necklace designs that I've sketeched out. They take a minute to complete because it combines quite a few different elements. Since this is the first, this one is mine, :) becuase I wanted to make sure the design would come out as I wanted it to. This was fun to make and I was pleased with the outcome! Willing and will do more!

Sprinkle Bling! I've used "bling" way more than I like to. Sprinkle Jewels? Sprinkled Pink? (Like "tickled pink" because it makes you happy?) Sprinkle Magic?
Though I can't think of a name I'd like to use for these pieces right now, I'll come up with something more clever later. These read colored sprinkles and glitter are encased in clear resin and would appear to be free floating on your body (sprinkle ghosts?). I made two special orange and black ones for Halloween and several rainbow colored sprinkled pieces, some adorned with rhinestones. The big pink and purple one....I made especially for Moi, but can make more in different color combinations or pink and purple as well. I have a few other color ideas that I want to make in that style, but I only have one mold and these take a little more than a minute to make and cure/complete.
I can also do the rainbow sprinkles designs (hearts, ovals, rectangles) in different colors as well. I have made pieces similar to these in bottle caps, but these have a more free floating feel. These are fun to make and will certainly turn some heads!

2 Hearts Are Better Than One

This ring is a mix of edgy and sweet, as it features a slashed silver heart "antiqued" with black paint and a small pink heart accented with pink paint and a rhinestone. Both have a glossy finish. I love making heart shaped jewelry and I've made other heart shaped rings in this size before (check older posts in this blog!).

Friday, October 9, 2009

JEWELED FROSTING RINGS....for halloween!

I wanted to make some Halloween inspired pieces that captured the spirit of the holiday - CANDY AND SWEETS! These cute little swirled frosting rings are adorned with colored rhinestones. So maybe you're too old to go out in your Cat woman costume and ask for candy from strangers, but these rings are definitely a treat for the kid at heart. No tricks here!

More Halloween inspired pieces to come. These can also be made in different colors. And yes...I love using rhinestones.

Candy Bling Ring

So maybe I'm using "bling" a little too much. I usually post a lot of pieces at a time and I must admit, not all the names I come up with are clever as I'm posting like mad! I'm just trying to get my pieces up for everyone to view. But this ring reminds me of... starbursts, spree, sweetarts? All of which I've consumed my fair share of. Makes me want something sweet right now...

Carve Out Your Heart Ring

If I had to choose my other favorite color combination, it would have to be silver/grey and pink. I love this small, chunky rock like ring with a little heart carved into it's corner, painted pink, and sprinkled with a few specks of glitter and glossed to make it stand out. The heart was not very easy to carve out but I still think it turned out quite nicely.

Stargazer Ring

I love stars, astronomy and all things space related. So I love using these glittery black glass pieces in designs. The green button on top has a milky way-esque design on it topped with a clear rhinestone, or star, if you're so inclined to come with me on my stargazing trip! It's rich colors are dreamy and ethereal and altogether out of this world.

Like Colored Concrete

These rings are made from clay but they have a textured design on them that, to me, gives them an almost "real" silver flair, as if they've been hammered. I said "almost" so maybe if you see them in person, you may not think so. But...the design is still pretty cool. These free form shapes are hand painted in different colors with coordinating colored rhinestones. Right now I have what you see here, but I can make them all different colors, if there is a special color request. I like the "unfinished finished" design and think the final product turned out pretty close to how I wanted them to look.


This pendant/necklace is similar to my butterfly necklace below. It features a horseshoe design---opening up to catch the good luck--- and a goldish charm with a four leaf clover inside of a wishbone, and three czech glass leaf beads in different shades of green to compliment the brown earth tones of the overall design. Now that's a lot of luck! I may make some similar to this one as I have some more "good luck" charms that I'd love to use. Better than a bowl of lucky charms!


This is the first type of pendant/necklace that I made in this style and it came out pretty decent. It's pretty much one of a kind as the design on the actual butterfly would be difficult to replicate, and the beading would probably have some variations. I will make more necklaces similar to this one, but they do take time to complete as it encompasses many different elements.
But I have quite a few design ideas similar to this style of necklace. I love the butterflies and the abstract shapes and how the beads tie into the motifs on the butterfly in color and shape. I usually make my own necklaces but this one I actully bought already made. Found them on sale (50 percent off) and wanted/needed a brown one for this design. But you will see more necklaces like this very, very soon...I have one that is drying right now that I need to put some finishing touches on. It's not a butterfly but just as whimsical... But most will be one of kind as this one is....I like to think of these as tiny works of art to wear! Enjoy!

Faux Gems Rings

This was a fun little design I came up with that combines free form clay pallettes with hand painted and glossed designs. I can do all different colors but usually try out new ideas in small supply (these are my only two) just to test if my idea will match up with the real thing. And it pretty much did! I've used my favorite pink and purple color combo in the left ring and a bronze and gold color combo on the right. But I'm open to different color combos and will make more upon request or if the spirit moves me to!

Cotton Candy Bling Ring

I really like this chunky little ring with pink cotton candy stripes and a purple rhinestone accent in the corner. Hand formed and hand painted. I love the pink and purple color combo but can do different color combinations as well in this same design.

Love...So Many Things I've Got To Tell You,,,,

It's what everyone is searching for. What everyone wants. The real thing. Straight, no chaser. No imitations. No limitations. Isn't so easy to find, is it?
This ring...however....available. You found it. And you can have it wrapped around your finger, forever.

Big Red, Black & White Baubles

One of these rings I am definitely keeping for myself. I really want the red, white & black one first. I'm willing to sell it, but if it doesn't sell soon and or fast (or if I even put it with my sell stash) it will be in my collection.


Even though rings are my specialty, I do make earrings and necklaces too (I have a few necklaces I'm currently working on and some I need to photograph and post.) These were actually all special order earrings. (Look at some of the earlier posts for more earrings in different shapes and sizes). I took photos of these as I was heading out the door, and that's why they're all bagged and ready to go.

Red & Silver Bling

I apologize for the blurriness of the top ring. The slight lack of clarity shouldn't diminish it's cuteness! Convo me for the availability of both.

Special Order - Earrings and Necklace

This earring and necklace set was a special order. The buyer purchased it as a thank you gift for the recipient. Convo me for special orders. Most button rings are one of a kind, but most clay creations can be reproduced in different colors or tweaked per your request. If you'd like items specially gift boxed / wrapped / and ready for giving, let me know. (These items were boxed and bagged and ready to give.) Let's chat and see what we can come up with!

This is one of favorite rings and unfortunately, it's been sold. :( Or it's on "hold." Yes..I do have a layaway of sorts where if you put your eye on something you like you can "claim" today and pay later, and enjoy! Convo me for more details of layaway...

Pink Ambitions

I think I like rings in shades of pink as much as I like them in brown! And flowers? I love them too... (as you can see). So pretty, so posh, so feminine...convo me for availability.

The colors in this ring - the burnt orange, the plum purple...remind me of the 70's...though i wasn't born until the 80's! It's all still groovy to me!

Blue Kaleidoscope

Look into it's eye...and get FRESHBLISS ring!!! Which is fabulous in rich and dreamy shades of blue and black....

Larger than Life Mocha Madness...

Who doesn't love a big cup of chocolate or caramel something? You know I do...yes...more chocolatey, mocha-ey, caramely rings.... Enjoy! I'd write more but I'll let them speak for themselves. Convo me for availability.