Monday, October 12, 2009

Sprinkle Bling! I've used "bling" way more than I like to. Sprinkle Jewels? Sprinkled Pink? (Like "tickled pink" because it makes you happy?) Sprinkle Magic?
Though I can't think of a name I'd like to use for these pieces right now, I'll come up with something more clever later. These read colored sprinkles and glitter are encased in clear resin and would appear to be free floating on your body (sprinkle ghosts?). I made two special orange and black ones for Halloween and several rainbow colored sprinkled pieces, some adorned with rhinestones. The big pink and purple one....I made especially for Moi, but can make more in different color combinations or pink and purple as well. I have a few other color ideas that I want to make in that style, but I only have one mold and these take a little more than a minute to make and cure/complete.
I can also do the rainbow sprinkles designs (hearts, ovals, rectangles) in different colors as well. I have made pieces similar to these in bottle caps, but these have a more free floating feel. These are fun to make and will certainly turn some heads!

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