Friday, October 9, 2009

New stuff....long overdue

A couple of months ago I received a text message from my sister at work that stated, "You haven't updated your Web site since June?" It was dripping with disdan and it was accusatory and it made me feel bad and yet.... it's been a couple of months later since that text...and here I finally am. I never stopped creating, in fact, I have some pieces right now tht I have to photograph. But I also have a lot of other pieces that I need to post! The ring above has been sold (as of 10/9/09), but I always post sold and unsold pieces as this does serve as an online portfolio as well as a showcase of what's available.
I've also changed my banner and I'm working on some more marketing plans. So stay tuned! And since I have a couple of days off from my regular "9-5" I hope to have this site up to date very very very very soon!

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