Friday, October 9, 2009


This is the first type of pendant/necklace that I made in this style and it came out pretty decent. It's pretty much one of a kind as the design on the actual butterfly would be difficult to replicate, and the beading would probably have some variations. I will make more necklaces similar to this one, but they do take time to complete as it encompasses many different elements.
But I have quite a few design ideas similar to this style of necklace. I love the butterflies and the abstract shapes and how the beads tie into the motifs on the butterfly in color and shape. I usually make my own necklaces but this one I actully bought already made. Found them on sale (50 percent off) and wanted/needed a brown one for this design. But you will see more necklaces like this very, very soon...I have one that is drying right now that I need to put some finishing touches on. It's not a butterfly but just as whimsical... But most will be one of kind as this one is....I like to think of these as tiny works of art to wear! Enjoy!

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