Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming Soon...Updates...Random Thoughts

I've got two necklaces that I'm working on which I'm going to try to post this week. I've been working on one for awhile and started on another last night, and hope to have both finished soon because I'm pretty pleased with how they are turning out. But they do take a little time to make.
I'm also working on some more clay rings and may present a new limited edition signature item. We shall see. In addition, my mandrel came today so I'm going to be experimenting with some new ring styles and can hopefully do different sized rings.
I also worked on some custom pieces for a few requests / orders. So I've got a lot of pieces to finish with paint and gloss and drying time and all that jazz.
I actually had to turn my heat on today when I got home. I've turned it off but it's a bit chilly again. Last night, I slept with a fan on me! The weather is as unpredictable as people!
More $1 store noodles tonight because I didn't feel like cooking and wanted/needed to work on some jewelry, and just a touch of heartburn now at 12:46 in the AM. I have a lukewarm cherry coke that's just not going to do the trick.
Watching "Tough Love" on VH-1: Scoffed at it at first but dude kinda knows his stuff. I'm getting schooled tonight.
I know the weather is changing because I keep finding prehistoric creatures on the wall that are way too smart for their own good! Must get my gloves and my spray out soon! Critters be gone! Sleep...welcome....

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