Monday, April 13, 2009

Naturally Beautiful

These necklaces were inspired by a couple of things: nature (butterflies, flowers, birds) and suggestions from friends. I have a friend who loves butterflies and another who mentioned that they were looking for something orange and brown. Out of the two, these very natural and organic designs were born with an earthy flair.
The first necklace has orange accents with a big brown pendant stamped with a bird design, hand painted and lightly glossed.
The second pendant's dominant colors (flower design) are beige and light brown.
The third pendant's dominat color is a pinkish/mauve-ish color, with what I can best describe as a "faux texture" on top of a stamped butterfly image.
These turned out pretty well and take a little extra time to make, but I think it's worth it.
You can see all three (the magic number) pendants a little better in the last pic.
These items are a little different from my bright button rings, but I love variety and trying new concepts and like to keep an eclectic mix of items for your pleasure and *bliss.*

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