Monday, April 13, 2009

3 Oh...It's The Magic Number....

"....Somewhere in that ancient, mystic trinity. You get 3. It's the magic number. The past, the present and the future / faith and hope and charity / the heart, the body and the brain will give you three...."
Yes, I know all the words to "3 Is The Magic Number" by Schoolhouse Rock. And YES, I will sing it upon request. and YES, I will sing it multiple times if you so desire.
Or perhaps, you'll desire one of these rings with a sweet flower design on each. If you'll look back on an earlier post, you'll see that I also have pendants to match the red and silver rings. Pendants and rings are the same size and they're like mini pieces of art for your body.
It's true - good things do come in threes! Me singing to you: BONUS!

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