Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stretching For a Link...

So...I like doing multiple photo postings of items because it gets the items on the site faster (especially when I have 25 or more to post) and doing one ring at a time would take forever!!! So I try to link items that have some kind of similar attributes and sometimes it's a stretch but...

For some reason these rings all have a sixties-ish brady bunch-ish quality to me. The mustard yellows and oranges, the wood grain browns, the olive greens. The mod-isheness of the big orange button on the second ring to the kitchy-ness and cuteness of the red apple on the middle ring. Ish. Ness.

I see you?

The top and the bottom rings are sold. The apple ring I reaaalllllyyyy want to keep but I will sell it if someone wants it!

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