Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey FreshBliss fans, all super 10 of you! I want to introduce you to my FRESHBLISS FIRST EVER SIGNATURE PRODUCT DESIGN!

It was first seen in an earlier post as my GRAPE AND CHERRY BLOSSOM EARRINGS. (go back and see all the Freshy Blissiness from way back yonder, or last month, when you get a chance)

Now, you can get that design in even more colors and in even more products! Yay!

So what is a signature item? By my own definition it's an item that's a staple in the entire line/collection. I'll always have some of these items in stock and you can special request a signature design item in a specific color or product. It's also an extension of my company's logo - the flower! It's going to be apart of another new product idea that will be available down the line as well.
Its design is chic enough for the grown up lady and just as sweet for little girls. It's not too fussy, but still a bit glam. It comes in a variety of colors to fit all your wardrobe accesory needs. It's like your little black dress. Or your plain white blouse. You buy them because you know at some point, you're going to wear it and you always have something to go with it!

Below are pictures of the signature item in dangly and stud earrings and rings, and there will also be bracelets and necklaces to come. In addition to cherry and grape, these cute little blossoms are also availabe in lemon juice, orangerageous, green apple pearl, blueberry pearl, pinkberry, raspberry, gold rush, silver streak, and black magic.
My NEW SIGNATURE DESIGN is also apart of a NEW PRODUCT - these CUTE little HAIR PINS! I currently have the four you see below in stock - Lemon juice, black magic with silver accents, and silver streak with black and red rhinestones. Ooh la la! Great for any hair length or hair type. Great for day or night. Great to polish that look off right!

So let me know what you think! I actually sold a pair or grape blossom earrings today and wore a red pair yesterday! I'm excited about the signature product and I hope you are too!

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