Monday, April 6, 2009

Neopolitan Ice Cream Rings! Sweet!

This ring is 10x more adorable in person that it is in this pic. Sure, I'm biased, but camera has abandoned its duties and told me "no...i'm not going to focus...not tonight. Tomorrow? I'm not going to make any promises on that.... got any chips?" camera didn't ask for chips, but I just wanted to further illustrate its blatant indifference for its job of picture taking. Focus camera focus!
Anywho... this ring is really cute and though I have 2, I believe only one will be for sale because one will be sitting pretty on my finger.
It has a cream colored button as a base, topped with a strawberry colored button, and then a chocolate button, and a red rhinestone on top. Why red? For the CHERRY of course! :)

It's your very own sundae for your finger, sticky free! Yum!

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