Monday, April 13, 2009

Apple & grapes? I don't really have a name for this ring. In fact, it's Monday and I've been making jewelry since Friday evening. I thouht of many witty things to say for the posts but after making and finishing almost 40 rings, 4 pendants (that I still have to make chains for) and 3 full necklaces, I really just want to get the products up! So, not everthing is priced which I have plans to later, so these posts may just consist of pictures and info, and maybe an amusing gem here and there. Can't really make any promises on that last one. I also strayed away from the group pics and took individual pics again. Of course, though this is my FIRST post of the day, readers will only get this message after they've gone through everything else, as that's the way blogger is set up.

This ring is green and a deep, deep purple, though it almost looks black or bluish in the pic, whth a green rhinestone on top. The colors are very "saturated" a la Stacy London from "What Not To Wear," which I love.

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