Thursday, March 12, 2009

Valentine's Day is over but...

I still love these earrings! Actually, I didn't specifically make them for Valentine's Day, but because, yes, I am a hopeless romantic. I don't broadcast it, but hey, who says I can't express it in my art. These polymer clay heart stud earrings are an iridescent, red and silver swirled in color. They are stamped with an "XOXOXOXO" (hugs and kisses) design, and are about the size of dime. They're mounted on silver tone earring backs. I made three pairs: the first pair I kept plain with a glossy finish. The second pair is finished with white acrylic paint within the design to make it pop, and the third pair is finished with black acrylic paint allover to make the design pop and to give it a faux antique/distressed look. I like the black ones the best because they are a mix of sweet and pretty and edgy and distressed all rolled into one - and hey...isn't that the essence of what love is anyway?

The black hearts: my fave! By the way - both the black and the white pair have a glossy finish as well. And if these three items sell out, I can make more!

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