Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chocolate Temptation...and no, it's not me!

Hee hee....just a little humor in the post title there. Oh, not funny? Just to me? Oh, ok...moving along...

I love this "Chocolate Temptation" charm bracelet filled with five (count em, FIVE) delicious "guilt free-i'm still on my diet-and i don't need to go to the dentist" treats, which include 2 smores, one chocolate doughnut with white icing and sprinkles, one ice cream sandwich and one chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top and a cherry WITH the leaf still attached which just screams: fancy!

Each charm is hand sculpted and glazed and attached to a silver tone chain with white beaded accents. I made the bracelet to fit my wrist and it is about 9 inches long. I myself have enjoyed my fair share of the real version of each of the little charms on this bracelet. If you, however, have more self control than I do, then no worries: the links on the bracelet are large enough to adjust the length. This bracelet is $10 usd.

So go ahead! Grab a spoon! And...and....go to the grocery store to get some snacks because you can't eat this bracelet! But you'll look really pretty walking around with this cute conversation piece!

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