Monday, March 23, 2009

Something Red, Two Things Black...

This is one of the first pendants that I made, which, I kept for myself because I liked it so much, plus this was a trial and error period piece. I'm fighting a massive headache, again, tonight, and what feels like a strained eyeball (yep) but really wanted to post something , and I'm trying to avoid cleaning up a little before going to bed. It can be duplicated but it took forever to make to get it just right, but it turned out better than expected.
I also severely burned five good pieces of whiting fish tonight. I made scalloped potatoes for dinner, some greens, a salad, and the whiting. When it comes to cooking I try to time my items so that they'll all be done around the same time, but there's always one item that just won't cooperate. Well, my potatoes, greens, and salad (of course) were all done and I ate that, and when I went back for the fish, it tasted funny. I though that maybe since it was pretty much frozen when put it in the oven, it might need to cook longer than necessary.
So I put the fish back in the oven and of course by this time I was full off of my other items and got busy working on some new jewelry ideas so the fish was the last thing on my mind. I remember watching Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, and most of CSI: Miami before I started wondering if I had left the oven on....
Not, "did I leave the fish in the oven?" Just..."did I leave the oven on...........and.....wait....uh oh...."
So it was a grim scene that would leave Bikini Bottom chagrined. Oh well. I cook Talapia like a pro, but Whiting and Salmon, not so much. The potatoes, however, were awesome. The greens were great, especially since it was my first time cooking them, and the salad...well... it was premade so there really was no room for error there. No fish for lunch tomorrow either....sigh....
Guess I'll go take the yellow crime scene tape down around the blackened glass pan and it's charged inhabitants and take care of business...good night.

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