Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm no math whiz. Ask my sis who would tutor me in algebra. Ask my mom who through, ahem, "physical reinforcement" (all out of love) stopped me from writing my fives backward. Ask my other sis who makes fun of me because I prefer to look at the clock on my cell rather than wear a watch, which does involve math. You know what? On second thought....don't ask them anything...
BUT - portable + cake = cupcake? Oh I got that. Got it so well I put it on this "Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcake Dream" bracelet. Now isn't my form of math better? Each cupcake is hand sculpted with polymer clay and finished with a high gloss glaze. When I first saw polymer clay cupcakes I knew I had to make some pieces. This bracelet is $10 usd and I think because of the rainbow sprinkles and colors, makes it a versatile piece to wear with almost anything. Even a bib if you're eating the real thing while wearing it, or what I'd like to call, "sweetness squared."

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