Sunday, March 15, 2009

About Pendants & Necklaces...

Welcome to Coffee Break! This is where I take a minute or two to tell you little bit about some of the products in general or any other product tidbits I want you to know, and maybe a little story or two about myself or my day. So sit back. I've already poured you a caramel latte and we've got fresh croissants on the way!

I know some people will only sell pendants and will offer the necklace or cording separately. If you just sell the pendant then you give people the option of doing what they want to with it: make it into a key chain, possibly a cellphone charm, maybe put it on a bracelet. But I really like making finished pieces. When you have a certain vision for a piece, you like to follow through with it.

Anywho, my mother ( I know, I like telling stories with her in them. I'll share some about pops later) likes her necklaces long and sometimes has a hard time finding necklaces that will fit properly. Personally, she says they don't fit, but I think she just prefers longer necklaces, which is fine. So she mentioned to make sure that the necklaces were long enough. Though I think she may have meant for her, I, wanting the necklaces/cording I make to fit everyone, not just most, I took my mothers information and made my necklaces quite long. About 28 to 30 inches for all of the pendants on this site.

Well, I wore one of the pendants that I made for myself one day and you know what? Unless you have on allll black - maybe a cat suit or a body glove or all white or some other mono color with no other decoration, the longer cord doesn't really work. It didn't show off the pendant very well and it kept getting lost in the cardigan that I had on that day. So actually, a 19 inch cord/chain works very well, which is the length on the golden flower pendant. The shorter cord would pull the pendant up so that it is better displayed higher on the chest. It's a trial and error learning process folks. It's all self taught out of desire here.

So if you'd like to purchase a pendant, let me know which length chain you'd like - one approx. 19/20 inches or the 29/30 inch chain already included. For a small extra fee, probably $1.50, I'll include both just in case you do have that cat suit you'd like to pair it with.

On a personal note, I colored my hair black yesterday. I had previously colored it a brownish plum color which is really my favorite color to tint the coif, but I wanted something a little different to make it look more shiny since I tend to have dry hair. Well, my sister saw my hair and she looks at it for a minute or two and goes: "Ohhh....hey Elvis."

Now, I'm not sure if she meant Elvis because it's quite black now as opposed to the color before, or if it was the new thing I was trying with my bangs which may or may not have looked somewhat similar to a pompadour. Either way....glad I could be the object of her amusement today....

Ok...break time's over....deuces!

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