Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ring Bases...

Since most of the pics of my rings will be photographed from the top, I'm including this pic so you will know what my ring bases look like. I ordered them online from an Etsy seller, which, by the way, I love perusing Etsy. I would love to hear about Etsy sellers' experiences with the fees they charge and how all that works, because as much as I like the site, I can't get over the fee just to post for only 4 months. Sure, it's only 20 cents but some people have hundreds of items posted! We're in a recession! That's some serious cheese!
Nonetheless, I like the design of the site and all the unique and wonderful items. I can stay on there for HOURS in awe looking at all of the magic made by people from around the world. It's what got me inspired and made me say, "hey...I can do that...instead of sitting on the couch and eating cereal."
So, I ordered 100 silver and 100 antique bronze adjustable rings from a seller on Etsy. What I received was about 30 antique brozne and 170 silver and silvery white. So, no, it's not what I ordered. But I didn't want to make a fuss and go through the trouble of possibly sending back the incorrect ones and waiting on the new ones and all that jazz. At least it was the qty I ordered. Had it been less, I probably would have caused a stink. I wear a size 8 ring and they fit me with a little adjusting so the rings should fit most.

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