Monday, March 30, 2009

Too bad, so sad, not glad...

Yesterday I was somewhat busy making jewelry, washing clothes, trying to debug, deworm, deviral, detrojan, de-hotmess my computer and napping. Out of the three, debugging and napping won a big chunk of the evening. Jewelry making came in third and washing clothes came in last.
So I have quite a few new pieces that I need to finish and photograph and post, but the problems with my computer haven't completely been solved. In the process of cleaning up the computer issues to the best of my abilities, I probably unknowingly deleted some files from my Kodak Easyshare software (and probably my Itunes), and I cannot open the software, and cannot transfer my pics. I tried downloading new software from online, but it still will not open as it did not download correctly. Ay Dios Mio! I also cannot find my installation CD at the moment, which could clear up that problem, if not others. My head is starting to hurt more as I write this.
But I'm working on some "signature" pieces for the FreshBliss Collection that will be used in some new creations I'm working on and for future plans. Hopefully, I'll be somewhat back in business before the next post. I'm also hoping to post some items on Artfire soon. I've set up the account, FreshBliss banner and all, and now I just need to put some items in the store!
And wash some underwear and pants. Sigh.
Back to work ~ May you find freshbliss in all you do today!

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