Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks for finding your way to my "blog-tique!" Come on in, check out the merchandise. I might even share a story or two with you. Just want to look? That's fine too. Just enjoy!

I am a twenty-something from Memphis, TN, and I've recently started making
handcrafted jewerly, accessories and whatever else makes my creative juices bubble.

The name of my "store" and this "blog-tique" is "FreshBliss." I use various mediums and my crafts/jewelry range from stacked button rings and other button jewelry, earrings, polymer clay items, mixed media items, hand painted pieces and more. So pretty much, I like to keep things "fresh" and always wonder what I can make next to find my "bliss"!
Plus, I've got some ideas for decorative soaps (of which only my mother has seen the prototypes) and some clothes I'm going to eventually try my hand at, with the help of my sewing savvy sis.

I'll also include the inspiration behind my pieces and other general musings about the happenings in my world, so it's part blog, part boutique (thus, "blog-tique").

I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to leave (hopefully positive) comments or questions or reach me via email - Though many of my pieces will be OOAK - one of a kind - some can be reproduced with, of course, slight variations, due to the nature of handcrafted items. I also work a nine to five, but it would be great if I could wake up at noon and do crafts from noon-day until night and get paid enough to still live. Oh, to dream!

Though I'm mostly (trying) to sell locally now, I hope to post items on artfire to sell to anyone, anywhere. Of course, if you're not in Memphis and you see something you really, really, really just can't live without then I can't deny you your bliss! We'll make it happen! I'll be posting pics very soon! Until then, always keep your bliss fresh!

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