Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Like Candy....

Well...basically anything sweet! This piece was sculpted to look like a bitten piece of candy. Originally, it was going to be a necklace, but I think it would have looked better as a necklace if I would have kept it whole. It could have been a pretty cool pendant, but, never one to waste a good piece of candy, it became a key chain. It's $3 (usd) and the inside of it is red and white. Mmmmmm.....
Though I'd love to keep posting all day, I've got to take a break because honestly, dear readers and potential customers and future friends, I look like Buckwheat right now. Haven't been feeling 100 percent lately, and was off from work yesterday for it, and I'm afraid the other little rascals are going to come looking for me soon if I don't find some chemicals and some clippers for the coif.
I also received a very weird text message at 4:22 AM this Saturday morning from an unknown number I'd like to share, which read, verbatim:
"Hello bily you just left me your number sweetheart you are exactly what I have been looking for it is the weekend and i am definately looking for some company thats if you are free and have no plans i live in raleigh about twenty minutes from midtown my name is sabrina sweetheart."
Then the same person called my number I'm assuming, from lack of a quick response.
However, my response would have been:
First: I ain't "Bily".
Second: I don't know any Sabrina.
Third: Sabrina doesn't know me because if she did, she would KNOW, I only have 300 text messages in my plan, and this crazy text spanned 2 text messages just because at 4:22 in the AM on a Saturday morning she was feeling lonely. Sabrina....I'm not the one. And I hate to break it to you...but Bily left you the wrong number so probably...he's just not that into you.

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